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Lurie Advisors Provide Strategy, Guidance & Innovative Approaches to Help You Capitalize on Tax Credits & Incentives.

Federal and state tax credits and incentives can provide an important funding boost to business ventures and also offset project expenses. Whether your business is growing, diversifying, adding jobs, investing in new technology or expanding, there are credits designed to help your business reach the next level. The Lurie Specialty Tax Services group provides strategy, counsel and project work for a wide variety of businesses.

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Julie Helms, CPA | Director, Specialty Tax Services

Latest Tax Credit & Incentive Insights

Learn more about our team’s expertise and innovative ways we are helping businesses and organizations expand opportunities through strategic tax planning. 

Specialty Tax Solutions & Guidance

Discover new ways to expand your business with the help of federal and state tax credit and incentives. Our team has the expertise to find you specialized tax solutions in several common and emerging areas, such as:

Cost segregation is an analysis of real estate to maximize the return on investment through depreciation deductions.  The analysis identifies assets comprising the building and assigns cost and the most advantageous recovery period to accelerate deductions and generate cash. Click here to learn more here.

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit has evolved. Recent legislative changes have made it more available to smaller firms, tech-firms, start-ups and more relevant to today’s digital era. Click here to learn more.

Historically, the never-ending cycle of §1031 exchanges seemed to be the only way to diversify a portfolio and that once you wanted to stop exchanging; the tax liability could be overbearing. The good news is that there are options to end a §1031 cycle in a tax favorable way. 

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