Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Business Valuation

Business valuation is an instrumentally important part of overall financial management that is too often overlooked. Lurie has a distinct expertise in the field, and offers general purpose business valuation, as well as for estate and gift, dispute, marital, and transactional purposes. We also provide acquisition assistance, buy/sell agreement evaluation and consulting services. We know how valuable clarity and insight are to the financial health of your business, and we’re here to provide it in Minneapolis and the greater Southwest Florida area, including Fort Myers and Naples.

Business Valuation services:

  • Acquisition assistance
  • Business valuation for estate and gift, dispute, marital, and transactional purposes
  • Business valuation for financial reporting
  • Evaluation of buy/sell agreements

Litigation Support

Litigation and the management of legal issues involving finance can be a stressful process for a business. Lurie’s litigation support services in Minneapolis and Fort Myers are here to provide guidance, assurance and peace of mind alongside expert advice and strategic solutions. We provide financial expert witnesses, business valuation and forensic accounting to solve complex financial litigation challenges. We have advisors certified in public accounting, valuation, and fraud examination to provide independent analysis and verification for attorneys, their clients and business owners.

Litigation Support includes:

  • Accounting services for Multiple District Litigation/Class Action Litigation
  • Assistance with discovery
  • Damage analysis and expert reports for:
    • Contract disputes
    • Copyright infringement
    • Fraud
    • Misappropriation of trade secrets
    • Patent infringement
    • Purchase price disputes
    • Trade infringement
    • Shareholder disputes
  • Expert testimony
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Pre-litigation analysis/case evaluation

Meet Our Team

Kevin H. Besikof, CPA, CVA, CMA, CLP, CFF

Partner, Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Kevin specializes in serving entrepreneurs, innovators, athletes, and high-net-worth individuals. His passion is helping clients achieve business and personal success from start-up to succession and believes a team-based approach is a key to his clients’ success. Kevin is focused on supporting his clients and enjoys guiding them toward making the right decisions for their businesses.

Chris Van Schooneveld, CPA, CVA

Manager, Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Chris has a knack for helping his clients better understand the value drivers, strengths and risks within their organization. He provides impactful services and value to his clients, using a holistic approach of the factors that impact his clients’ businesses: financial, operational and emotional. Being a well-rounded advisor with many areas of expertise, Chris specializes in business and intellectual property valuations for estate and gift taxes, transactions, purchase price allocations and litigation matters.


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