R&D Credit

Research and Development Credits - Not Just for Lab Costs!

The R&D Credit is an incentive for companies that are looking to make something new or better. Companies that utilize a process of testing and experimentation to remove technical uncertainty could benefit from a credit on the expenses they incur for these activities. Although the credit has been in existence for some time, Covid-19 may be presenting additional opportunities to expand upon the credit or claim for the first time. From new work in a lab for a vaccine, upgrading web-based capabilities for online platforms and sales, re-coding of an existing website, developing new internal-use software to accommodate more work-from-home and remote capabilities, to switching manufacturing operations to making masks and ventilators or other products; COVID-19 could provide new or expanded opportunities to claim these credits.

A review of R&D activities including conversations with those directly involved in the research and development activities is conducted to substantiate the requirements of claiming the credit. Documentation is then obtained to support wage expenses for those completing qualifying activities, supply expenses used or consumed within the R&D activities, and the cost for any outside contractors used to facilitate the research. Once all of the documentation is obtained, the credit can be calculated for use on your tax return. Substantiation and documentation of this credit is crucial as the IRS and state departments of revenue have scrutinized these computations and credit claims in years past.

By identifying quantifying expenses, additional tax benefit can be generated by claiming the credit. Most states also have a version of an R&D credit that can be claimed for qualifying work completed in that state. If you are considered a start-up, there may be an opportunity to utilize the credit against payroll taxes.

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