Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Assistance

Lurie is your PPP loan advisory partner, helping you navigate through shifting SBA rules, complex guidelines, and distracting documentation requirements. Don’t leave your PPP loan forgiveness to chance.

A Specialized Team for PPP Loan Support & Guidance

How we can help: A scaled and customized solution for your business needs:

We can use your accounting software, or our free PPP Loan Organizer, to accurately track your approved expenses during the covered period and compare to the required payroll percentages for loan forgiveness. 

Our team can assist your accounting staff, or we can handle the accounting for you, to:

  • Track payroll expenses (including Hazard pay, commissions or hourly time sheets to support payroll amounts) during the covered period.
  • Track other payroll-related expenses, including premiums paid for group health insurance, retirement contributions, etc.
  • Track other allowable expenses, including rent, utilities (verify approved by SBA) and mortgage interest (if applicable).
  • Track PPP loan fund use and remaining available balance.

With your information clearly organized into codes, categories and tables based on the latest SBA guidelines and synced to the forms required for your forgiveness application – you reduce the chances of error or delay.

We can check your work, or do the work for you. Run either one-time or periodic calculations to see how you are pacing with your PPP loan forgiveness rules, based on your uses of the PPP loan funds to determine eligibility for loan forgiveness.

Our specialized accounting team can:

  • Calculate expenses you incur during the “covered period” (8-weeks, or up to 24-weeks following the PPP loan funding date, depending on your loan and plan).
  • Based on expenses incurred, determine potential required reductions in PPP loan forgiveness, including the calculations necessary for FTEs (full-time equivalent employees) and individual employee compensation levels.
  • Calculate the percentage of PPP loan funds for payroll to assess compliance with loan forgiveness rules.

We use SBA and accounting standards best practices to help you create a repository of documentation. This will clearly show how loan proceeds are used and also creates an audit trail for your loan forgiveness application at the end of your PPP disbursement period.  

Analyze your expenses and run scenarios to show the impact on your loan forgiveness requirements – thus giving you opportunity to make adjustments to your payroll, expenses or take other critical measures that may be the difference in staying above the 60% threshold for loan forgiveness. 

SBA guidance is evolving, and unclear. With so much at stake, we can advise you on new guidance and final rules as they are issued – and help you with any adjustments or documentation that is necessary. 

Your PPP Advisory Specialists

We offer a tailored solution, whether you need to apply for new funding, check your calculations, verify required documentation under the latest SBA guidelines, and advise on scenarios to maximize your PPP loan forgiveness.

Your PPP Advisory & Loan Forgiveness Support Team Leaders

Kevin Besikof

Partner, Business Valuation, Entrepreneurial Services, Litigation Support

Cory Markling

Director, Transaction Advisory Services

Chris Van Schooneveld

Manager, Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Stephanie Hartje

Manager, Business Intelligence

Michael Mondelli

Manager, Tax Services

Becky Munson

Director, YourBooks®

Amy Jongerius

Team Lead, YourBooks®

Debra Sullivan

General Ledger Associate