Episode 4: Impact and Influence with Anne Behrendt and Kay Phillips

Successful leaders use influence to help others reach their highest potential. The capacity to influence others comes from passion and authenticity that can lead to the greatest impact on work cultures and our greater communities.

We hear from two women doing just that in the spheres of manufacturing, construction, and technologies, using their influence as leaders beyond these realms to make a powerful impact on society.

About the Guests​

Anne Behrendt is President, CEO and majority owner of Doran Companies. She leads the fourth-largest woman-owned business in Minnesota and took an unlikely path to CEO last year, beginning her tenure in uncertainty. Her philosophy of saying ‘yes’ to opportunity positions her uniquely to see the silver linings in this pandemic as she works to create safe worksites and healthy employees.

Kay Phillips, co-owner of ATEK companies, has been moved to become more active in racial justice after George Floyd’s killing. She has been deeply steeped in charitable causes and speaks about how passion and empathy are essential to influence and leadership.

Episode Four Workbook

This workbook is designed to guide you through the podcast, giving you the tools to appropriately reflect on your listening experience. We encourage you to use this workbook to help you further understand how to bring more impact & influence into your leading experience.

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