Episode 1: Heart and Humility

Heart and Humility



If there was ever a time to lead with heart, it was during the trying times of 2020-2021. This episode explores those who embody heart-based leadership, to inspire loyalty and build powerful relationships by being kind, caring, and humble. Leading with heart doesn’t always mean a soft approach, it can also mean high expectation and firm accountability.

Beth Kieffer Leonard kicks off this first episode with her vision on leading with heart and what this leadership style can inspire. She moderates the conversation in an interview style with Kate Kelly from PNC Bank and Kim Motes for the Children’s Theater. Camille Burns from national WPO joins Beth during the episode intro to speak to the outstanding community of WPO Chapter One.

Kate Kelly, PNC Regional Bank President, is deeply steeped in service and philanthropic efforts. Her philosophy is to choose trust over fear. “As you lead people, the more you trust, the more things come together. (This realization) comes from years of working too much,” said Kelly.

Kim Motes, Managing Director of the Children’s Theatre, has a long history in arts administration and just was in the throes of sexual assault lawsuits from the theater’s past when COVID-19 hit and productions halted. She had to lead with heart to repair such a traumatized theater community.

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