We’ll diagnose the financials so you can spend more time with your patients.

Here are a few examples of how our industry experts

have provided extensive knowledge and deep insight to resolve

the financial challenges of clinics, dentists, and physicians.

Bookkeeping and Controller Services

An overworked controller and physicians that spent too much time taking care of financial issues needed our help.

Here is what we did:

  • Assisted in controller function to free up his time
    • Absorbed entire accounts payable function
    • Transferred financial information for processing
    • Processed financial reporting
  • Provided bookkeeping functions including
    • Checking account security via YourBooks
    • Accounts payable aging in real time
  • Reduced physicians’ time and involvement through tools and processes

Compensation Study

A clinic’s compensation structure for its physicians was outdated. We changed that:

  • Interviewed doctors for perspectives, issues and concerns
  • Identified obsolete elements and explained
  • Simplified for understanding elements, incentives and disincentives
  • Re-designed compensation formula to bring up to current economic realities
  • Phased in changes to ease in effects on compensation

Reimbursement Review

An insurance company audit did not have the expected results. We assisted to remedy the problem:

  • Recommended options to correct errors in allocations and insurance company audit reimbursement resulting in fair and considerate equalization
  • Consulted with the physician group
  • Drafted compensation calculation review procedures to prevent/minimize future

Wherever your business is in its life cycle, Lurie’s industry

experts have the knowledge to serve you throughout the years.

Tax services

  • Interpreting the 2018 Tax Act for dentists, physicians. and clinics
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Tax analysis of mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations
  • Tax legislation business entity and effective rate review

Accounting services

  • Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations
  • YourBooks®(Accounting Outsourcing)
  • Payroll services

Retirement Plan Services

  • Design and implementation of retirement plans
  • Plan administration and reporting
  • Wealth management

Management Services

  • Design, implementation, and calculation of compensation, deferred compensation and stock purchase formulas
  • Feasibility studies of mergers and expansion investment opportunities
  • Forecasts and budgets
  • Ratio analysis of production, RVUs, collections, discounts, and overhead
  • Office procedures and policies evaluation
  • Information technology planning
  • Accounting and billing systems evaluation
  • Transition planning services
  • MinnesotaCare, HIPAA, Stark II compliance

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