Nexus Study

Where May Your Business Activities Trigger Nexus?

Nexus is the determination of whether or not you may have a tax liability within a specific jurisdiction.

A Nexus study reviews your activity – both physically and economically – within various jurisdictions to identify any filing requirements or potential planning opportunities to minimize tax liabilities. In addition, states are continuously making changes to their laws and it is important to stay up-to-date.

By reviewing nexus regularly, you can minimize surprises or unexpected contact with a state. In addition, by ensuring that consideration is given to location of operations, we can potentially minimize liability.

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Julie Helms, CPA | Director, Specialty Tax Services

The Lurie Difference: A Streamlined Process

Lurie’s Specialty Tax Services advisors offer unique tax savings and reduction strategies for businesses and their tax concerns. The team works closely with you and your service partners to provide counsel and execution on matters that extend far beyond compliance. This close collaboration provides not only coordinated, seamless service with specialists who have deep expertise, but also delivers true dollar cost savings. Here is what to expect: 

We Examine Your Indicators

Expansion of sales, property, or activity within a state

We Help You Uncover Benefits

Review of activity within states to determine if a liability may exist

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