Truth or BS Podcast

Years of Start-up Business Advice in a One Hour Podcast

Hear how three businesses navigated their way to success. 

Recorded December 8, 2016 at the KC Truth Bar – downtown Minneapolis

The 4th “Truth or BS” Podcast is available. The focus is on Start-ups, and the guests are “Salsa Lisa” Nicholson, this year’s MN Cup winner Ping Yeh of StemoniX, Chip Pearson from JAMF and Matthew Brown from Lurie — plus sidekick John Sweeney of the Brave New Workshop. The executive producer is Sue Kruskopf (and gang) at KC Truth.

Discussion topics

  1. How their ideas came to fruition
  2. How big do you want to get? Planning the exit
  3. Building the organization
  4. Dealing with failure
  5. The state of the Twin Cities tech & life sciences communities

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Truth or BS Podcast Truth or BS Podcast

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