Episode 5: Invention and Reinvention with Michelle Tran Maryns and Tammy Lee

One of the long-standing effects of the pandemic is that for many of us, it forever changed theway we work. As the pandemic stretched on, and the lockdown became more of a way of life, businesses had to shift gears, shut down, lay off employees, and start again.

In this episode, we hear contrasting stories with similar threads: as one woman reinvents herself, and one woman finds the support and courage to launch her innovative new business

About the Guests​

Michelle Tran Maryns is Founder & CEO of We Sparkle Co., a public benefit corporation building a stronger + more inclusive economy by equipping underestimated entrepreneurs with the AI-powered tools they need to succeed. 

Tammy Lee is CEO of Xena Therapies, a cool therapy medical device company and biotechstartup. Her product is connecting with women and she had to briefly pause her startup duringthe pandemic. Tammy has a background in journalism and can detail how storytelling is acritical part of her business strategies.

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