Episode 2: Equity & Empathy with Alison Rempel Brown and Anika Ward

In times of crisis, women leaders rose to the occasion with sensitivity and understanding of the stress, anxiety, and frustration that people are feeling striving to meet needs. Specifically, in this episode, these leaders responded with compassion and empathy during a time of twin pandemics, with both a public health and racial crisis unfolding across the globe.

With Minnesota at the epicenter of racial unrest, we learn how these women used compassion at the forefront to spark change and focus their efforts on anti-racism and racial equity within their spheres of influence.

About the Guests​

Alison Rempel Brown, CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota, is working hard to use science to educate the public about the pandemic and race. She’s committed to social justice equity, not just through the museum education reflecting this priority but also when managing her organization. She took diversity in race and socioeconomic status into account when forced to conduct layoffs.

Anika Ward is President and CEO of the Sankofa Leadership Network. For over 20 years, Anika’s worked to advance equity and eliminate disparities through a strategic, relationship-based approach to transforming systems. A trusted advisor with a career spanning private, nonprofit, and government sectors, Anika has advanced statewide initiatives centering on equity and inclusion within education, science, workforce development, community investments, cultural arts, and community health and well-being.

Episode Two Workbook

This workbook is designed to guide you through the podcast, giving you the tools to appropriately reflect on your listening experience. We encourage you to use this workbook to help you further understand how to bring more equity & empathy into your leading experience.

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