Lurie receives 2016 WIE Winner’s Circle Awards

Lurie receives 2016 WIE Winner’s Circle Awards for Diversity & Inclusion and Women in Leadership

The CPA and Advisory firm Lurie LLP announced that they are recipients of the Diversity & Inclusion and Women in Leadership awards presented by the Winner’s Circle. All of the category winners will be recognized at the Winning is Everything Conference, held January 18-20, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Diverse perspectives aren’t something you can simply collect. They have to be cultivated organically, and come from human experiences. Lurie is proud to recognize that our outlook is one that is a product of many perspectives. Diverse backgrounds and understandings that make our business healthier and our clients happier.

“For decades we’ve had an open, inclusive philosophy, and backed it up with demonstrable action not because it’s popular, but because we know it impacts the firm, our clients and our community in the right way”, says Lurie Managing Partner, Beth Kieffer Leonard. “When it comes to supporting diversity and women in leadership, at Lurie we’re more than involved, we’re invested and all-in.”

Internally, with many women in prominent leadership roles within Lurie, including over 30% of the partner base, we have always made it a point to never narrow our own voice. We do it because we know diverse perspectives lead to better work.

Lurie has also been recognized as a Best Accounting Firm for Women by the Accounting MOVE Project the past three years.

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