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Tax Relief:

Minnesota Sales and Use Tax Payment Extension: The Minnesota Department of Revenue on March 18th granted a 30-day extension for Sales and Use Tax payments for businesses that were affected by Executive Order 20-04: (the temporary closure of bars, restaurants, and other places of public accommodation) due to COVID-19. As a result, these businesses that would have had payments due March 20, 2020, have until April 20, 2020, to make that payment. Right now, this relief is only for those businesses affected by Executive Order 20-04 and for monthly filers only. If you do not qualify for the exemption under the Executive Order and choose to not remit your sales tax liabilities, the late filing penalty is 5 – 15% of any tax that is not paid by the due date.


Unemployment Benefits:

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Department of Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove announced March 16th that Emergency Executive Order 20-05 has made changes to the eligibility and requirements for receiving unemployment benefits for workers who are not able to work directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19. The nonpayable week requirement under Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 268.085, subd. 1, clause 6, (waiting period) for filing for unemployment benefits has been suspended which will allow workers to become eligible for unemployment benefits as quickly as possible.

For more on this and additional details please see:


For additional information on how to apply for unemployment benefits as well as frequently asked questions regarding unemployment resulting from COVID-19; please see:



For other worker protections related to COVID-19 including sick leave, FMLA, and discrimination provisions; please see:




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