IRS Backlog Causing Incorrect Late Payment Notices. If You Receive One, Here is What To Do Next

Due to COVID-19, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) closed offices and reduced staffing levels. As a result, it appears the IRS is behind on processing payments and we are seeing a significant increase of erroneous IRS notices. The computer-generated notices typically indicate missing payments but do not account for the payments that were made with tax extension filings or final filings. In most situations, these notices do not reflect an accurate tax due.

If you have received a late-payment notice, despite your payment being made on time, here is what we recommend you should do:

Please send your Lurie advisor:

  • A complete PDF copy of the notice (pictures from phones are difficult to read)
  • Proof of payment (cancelled check or print out of online copy of check)
  • Proof of mailing (if available)

If your payment has not yet been processed the IRS has advised that, to avoid penalties and interest, taxpayers should not cancel their checks and should ensure funds continue to be available so the IRS can process them.

    If You Have Additional Questions

    We are monitoring this situation and will share updates as we learn more. In the meantime, please contact us if you have additional questions. 

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