In 1940, a group of aspiring entrepreneurs in Minneapolis set out to create that which we all seek—opportunity. In doing so they broke ground on an accounting firm with its foundation in thinking differently and leading fearlessly. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the challenging financial and political climate of the time, they were forged into a tight-knit and devoted enterprise, dedicated to doing things right, and fueled by a desire to help their community.

80 years later, that same drive, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit fuels us. In our mission to provide innovative advice and world-class service to our clients, professional growth opportunities to our employees, and support and care for our community—we think back on the vision our founders had, and it guides us forward. We are strategic about our growth and continue to identify opportunities that position us properly for the future. Our locations in Minneapolis and Fort Myers allow us to serve our clients in Minnesota, Southwest Florida and everywhere in between. We are about making a difference, and doing so means not just writing the Lurie story. It means living it.

A strong foundation

At Lurie, we consider certain qualities to be foundational. They inform and inspire all that we do. Taking an active role in our community. Serving clients from start-up through succession. Providing the right services to the right people. Forging ahead with an entrepreneurial spirit. Cultivating diverse perspectives. These are the things that make us different, that make us stand out as a top accounting firm in Minneapolis and Fort Myers. These are the qualities that allow us to make a difference. 

Moore North America

Leadership. Pioneering. Collaboration. These tenets have always been central to Lurie, and they are qualities we actively seek out in our clients and our relationships. That’s why we hold an active membership with Moore North America. Through Moore North America, Lurie has the ability to serve clients across the United States and hundreds of countries worldwide.

By leading together, we can more effectively, and impactfully, pursue our vision.

Lurie, LLP is an equal opportunity employer. Veterans, women, persons of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.